Navajo Rug & Jewelry Show

The Navajo Rug & Jewelry Show has grown a lot from its humble beginnings. It started in 1989 at Kimball Art Center as a simple display of a few rugs for sale into a multi-day celebration of the Navajo culture and arts. It was founded by Linda Myers, a resident of the Park City who was inspired and encouraged by the stories and rug designs of Navajo elders at a certain show that she visited in Northern Arizona. Myers soon started collecting donated food, simple medicines, and clothing to bring to those elders who still live their traditional, old lifestyle, something the Adopt-A-Native Elder program does even to this day.

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The idea for a Rug Show was born in Park City thanks to the desire to support Native cultural exchange and communities. Navajo Rug & Jewelry Show is now the largest event of its type in the country and offers the guests a unique opportunity to learn more about the Navajo way of life. This show has grown to feature over 700 rugs for sale and all profits from the rug and jewelry sales go to the weaver/creator.

If you follow this brand, then you may already know that the beautiful landscapes and culture of the American Southwestern desserts offer a lot of inspiration for their jewelry and glass beads. Navajo rug weaving offers an amazing inspiration.

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Every year the Navajo Rug & Jewelry Show celebrates different styles of rug weaving. The last year’s theme for the show was “Weaving Ancient Designs” and it featured both Navajo pottery and rugs for sale with patterns that recall natural elements such as flowers, clouds, mountains, and sand. Remarkably, each rug you find on this show is meticulously woven by hand. According to them, you can feel the hands of the individual weaver in every rug. To give an idea of what a challenging task this is, a typical 4” x 6” rug takes about three months to create (working full time), while the more complex styles can take up to six months. There are hundreds of rugs on sale on the Navajo Rug & Jewelry Show.

rugs for sale

This year, the Natural History of Museum of Utah will host a sale of Navajo rugs of various designs styles and sizes, all handwoven by artists from the Four Corners region. Toh-Atin Gallery of Durango, Colorado will host this silent auction.

Even though the format of this sale will be that of a silent auction, each rug will have a “buy it now” price tag that will allow the first bidder to purchase the rug instantly by paying over 20% of the minimum bid. A certain portion of the profit will benefit the museum.

Here are the details of 2019 Navajo Rug Sale:
• Date: Saturday, April 6
• Time: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
• Location: Natural History Museum of Utah, Rio Tinto Center

Guests are invited to bring their own rugs for assessment as well as restoration advice from the owner of Toh-Atin Gallery, Jackson Clark II. Museum admission is not required to attend this Navajo rug sale.