When to give jewelry in a relationship

Now that you and your partner have had a steady relationship for a quite some time now, a probable question running in your head at this point can be what is the right time to present him/her with a piece of jewelry or the engagement ring.

Jewelry not only functions as a souvenir, it is also a perfect way to let your partner know that they have turned into an indispensable part of your life, someone without whom you cannot dream of your future ahead. Here are some the best occasions when you can gift jewelry to your partner and following these would prove them to be some of the best relationship tips you have ever come across.

jewelry in a relationship

On birthdays:
The birthday of your partner is one of the best opportunities to gift your partner jewelry or the engagement ring to turn it into their best birthday ever! Moreover buying a single piece of jewelry will speak out loud for itself and you do not have to invest in any other grand celebrations to make it a memorable one. Significance is not the only hallmark that comes with it, the piece promises that something significant would start hereafter.

Whether you are celebrating your anniversary when you are still in the phase of dating or are married, resorting to jewelry is always a good idea. Anniversaries signify that you have completed yet another successful year of togetherness with one another and such years in itself add up as stepping stones towards achieving the milestone of years of companionship; the jewelry will justify the gravity of these situations.

To celebrate achievements:
What better can you choose to offer as a thoughtful gift for your partner when they have achieved something significant in their lives, something that they have been dreaming of for so long? This relationship tip will ensure that your partner knows that you are equally happy as your partner in his/her achievement, or maybe even better and want to be a part of such upcoming celebrations for the rest of your lives.

To make the relationship official:
If you have crossed some of the crucial stages of the life together and want your partner to be by your side for the rest of your life, then it is no brainer that now it would be the perfect time to pop the question, and nothing can come better to your aid in this case other than an official engagement ring or any other piece of jewelry that they can wear through all times.

On your wedding day:
The best relationship tip that we can help you with is presenting your partner with a jewelry on the most significant day of your lives, that is, your wedding day. For instance, surprise him/her with their favorite design or the one on which they had their eyes for quite a while now just before making the vows and trust us when we say that this gesture will make the whole occasion all the more special to both of you and will only have fond memories attached to it.