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Jewelry Marketing Guide

The essence of jewelry marketing finds justification in the unique nature of the market itself. When you sell jewelry, you do not transfer its physical allure alone, but you also sell its historical symbolism. So, when you embark on jewelry marketing, always have this in mind.

The jewelry industry is a lucrative and dynamic one, and jewelry businesses want their piece of the cake, particularly in the United States. According to Edahn Golan’s US State of the Jewelry Market Report, the United States is the world’s leading jewelry consumer with total fine jewelry sales reaching $68.8 billion. However, in the jewelry industry, making excellent jewelry isn’t enough. Having the right skills to market your excellent craft also is extremely important. This explains why there are several digital marketing consultants in the jewelry business. Therefore, a jewelry business must arm itself with the best jewelry guides if it must enjoy a bigger slice of the cake.

In this article, you find the requisite marketing strategies and ideas to build and boost your jewelry business.

  1. Start with a logo that identifies your business
    When you have an attractive logo, you come off as a professional and trustworthy business, and it also gives you a unique identity. Apart from attracting more customers, a professional logo communicates the quality of your products and services.

You may use your logo on your business card, a promotional item that you should always have at hand. Your business card should communicate credibility and quality too. You may also print your logo on multiple professional items, especially the kind that people almost always see. The gist here is to be in their face, always!

  1. Use High-Resolution Photography
    As a jewelry business, showing off your jewelry isn’t just a matter of having photos. By implication, you need high-quality photos to capture the intricate details of your crafts. Prioritize using photos that reflect the quality and beauty of your jewelry. This way, people instantly see the worth of your craft.

Using a high-quality photo becomes even more important as the photo can be used everywhere you market, such as your website, your direct mail marketing, social media posts, eBay, Amazon and Etsy jewelry, and any signage or other promotion you do.

If you would like to take the photos yourself, here are a few tips you may find useful.
a. Select the highest resolution setting to enhance detail
b. Arrange for bright lighting
c. Use a simple monochromatic background
d. Focus on the details of the product, such as gems and tiny diamonds.
e. Take several shots, so you have a pool of amazing photos to choose from.

  1. Identify your Prospect
    You should bear in mind that although everyone may want your jewelry, not everyone is willing or ready to buy. This is why you need to identify your prospects. So, how?

First, examine your customer base and know people who have already bought from you. Note the following questions: do you notice anything similar about all of your customers? Are they in a certain age range? Do they mostly buy your engagement rings?

Once you know your target prospects, it would be smart to rent a mailing list of persons who fall within the bracket of target prospects. You may check for age, income, gender, and marital status. This helps you identify your niche, design a strategy to seal your place, and steadily spread your tentacles.

  1. Market Early to Generate More in Revenue
    At specific times of the year, such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and December holidays such as Christmas, people often buy more jewelry. This implies that you should start marketing at least six weeks in advance of these calendar dates to remind your prospects to buy from you for these sentimental holidays.

You may circle dates on your calendar for the year and set deadlines to secure the postcard or promotional items for these seasons as the case may be. You may begin to run online ads simultaneously. This way, you stay visible and credible during these seasons and even beyond.

  1. Create Special Offers
    There’s no doubt that a special offer targeted to the right prospects can work wonders on your sales margins. An example is a postcard campaign promoting a 25-50% off special offer, which raked in an extra $25,000 in sales for a store’s 93rdanniversary sale.

Your special offers may be in the form of a 10% discount on any jewelry (or watch) repair; 30-60% off everything in stock or even FREE entry to jewelry show. Similarly, store-wide sales for anniversaries, massive sales for holidays with 30-60% off, and huge giveaways represent a tested and trusted marketing strategy.

In any case, the gist here is to open up your creative portals and design a special offer to drive in new prospects to patronize you.

  1. Leverage your SEO to improve Google ranking
    Search engines work by finding websites that match the keywords your prospects search with. This makes your website rank higher in the degree to other websites when an item on your list is searched on Google. To get your website found on Google, the website’s data must be accurate and filled with keywords your prospects use to find jewelry sites. You may use Google’s free keyword planner tool to make a list of keywords to use on your homepage, About Us page, etc.

To increase your website’s SEO, each page’s title should be different: homepage’s page title should have “jeweler” plus your city & state; your contact data (on your contact page) must be correct; your business’s data must be referenced (cited) on other popular web pages; you should have and use your free Google My Business account.
Google and its algorithms (formulas) change all the time, so SEO should be a continual and deliberate process.

  1. Normalize Customer Engagement
    Here, the gist is to set up active social media accounts to track and monitor what your customers and prospects think about your products. Newsletters also go a long way in fostering a connection between you and your prospects. Always post your reviews and testimonials to increase engagement with your products and generate goodwill for your business.

In any case, you may enlist a digital marketing consultant’s services to put you through all these guides. It is worth every penny when it is marketing. Jewelry businesses like Etsy jewelry understand this and are becoming a strong force in marketing. The guides in this article will help you become a strong force, too, in no time.

Basic Piercing Care

Before you touch your piercing for any reason, it is highly recommended that you wash your hands. You will need to soak your piercing daily under fresh running warm water for about 5 minutes. It would be easier if you do it at the end of a shower. After soaking, spray the area with a sterile saline and let it air dry. Use saline nasal spray for nose piercing. It is recommended that you clean the piercing no more than twice a day. However, if you cannot, then once per day is sufficient. Don’t use cotton swabs on the piercing as it would only irritate it.

Healing Period
Initially, some localized bruising, tenderness, swelling, and bleeding are normal. During the healing period, some itching, discoloration, and secretion of fluid will form and crust on your etsy jewelry. You will only need to remove it during the cleaning process. Once the piercing is healed, your jewelry may not move in the piercing as freely as it did. It is recommended that you don’t force it and clean it only as part of your regular hygiene routine.

Before the healing period is complete, it may seem that the piercing is healed. However, the tissue remains fragile on the inside. So, you will need to have patience and keep following the cleaning routine throughout the healing period.

Don’t touch your piercing except when you are cleaning it and always wash your hands before doing that. It is not necessary to move or rotate your etsy jewelry during the healing period. You can maintain an exercise routine during the healing period. However, make sure to avoid direct contact with shared gym equipment.

Unless there is a problem in material, style, or size of the initial jewelry, leave it in place for the entire healing period. Leaving the jewelry in at all times is highly recommended because if removed, re-insertion can be difficult or even impossible. Don’t change the jewelry yourself and see a qualified piercer to perform a jewelry change that may be required during the healing process.

Hints and Tips
Staying healthy during the healing period helps. It ensures that your piercing heals faster and more easily. Eat a nutritious diet and get enough sleep. Keep your bedding clean and change it on regular basis. Wear breathable, comfortable, and clean clothes that protect your piercing during its healing period. Use a quality saline nasal spray for your nose piercing. Should you decide that you no longer want the piercing, have a professional remove the jewelry. After that, keep following the cleaning routine until the hole is closed.

These are some of the basic piercing care tips that you should follow. Keep in mind that there is no single aftercare regimen that works for everyone. You must find what works for you.

Essential Oil Jewelry

Essential Oil Jewelry

For people around the world, essential oils have become a part of their day. Whether used for meditation, put into their bath, or for aromatherapy, these natural oils have become a part of so many people’s lives. The natural extension of the oils is the jewelry that has been created to help diffuse the aroma. An essential oil diffuser is now a part of households across the globe.

Understanding the effects of essential oils and how they may be used can help you in your daily life. This is why having a better understanding of these oils and the diffusers which range from machines to simple jewelry can make all the difference.

Essential Oil Jewelry

What are Essential Oils?
Essential oils are derived from natural products such as lavender, lemongrass, and other sources that are used for relaxation purposes. Essential oils have been around for many thousands of years. They have often been heated in containers to fill the room with a pleasing aroma that causes different effects, although for the most part they help people stay calm and relaxed.

Recently, essential oil diffusers which do not apply heat are used to diffuse the product into the air. Such diffusers can range from expensive machines to using ordinary objects that do the work. This is where essential oil jewelry comes into play.

Essential Oil Jewelry

The overall effect is that you feel more relaxed, focus, and aware depending on the essential oil that you choose. It is harmless, carries no side effects, and can be used at any time to help reduce stress or anxiety. The essential oils can be applied to the skin if desired, although they should not be consumed. However, their effect comes from the aroma that they produce.

The scent of the oils enters the nostrils and lungs which helps create the calming effect. It is non-addictive and mild in nature, so that the effect itself is felt rather gently across the body.

Essential Oil Diffuser Jewelry
This is jewelry designed to diffuse essential oils into the air. Such jewelry has the look and style of ordinary rocks and gems that have been used as decorative items for many thousands of years. The difference is that the objects that the objects are coated or infused with essential oil that will be with you all day long.

Most essential oil jewelry consists if gems or rocks that are porous enough to hold tiny droplets of essential oil inside. You simply add the oil that you want and wear the jewelry as normal. During the day, the oil will evaporate into the air and the aroma will help keep you calm and relaxed.

Essential Oil Jewelry

There are many different types of jewelry that contains essential oils. They include the following;

Essential oils have become part of the lives of millions of people around the world. Wearing essential oil diffuser jewelry allows you to enjoy the pleasing effects of the oils when traveling, while at work, or around the home without having to use a machine or heating the oil to get the effects.

The Poison Ring

poison ring

Poison rings play a key role in lots of murder mysteries. Enemies were killed with a slight movement of the hand over the food plate or wine glass. The idea of a ring containing poison is not new. In fact, it is thousands of years old. In the ancient times, a ring was made featuring a tiny compartment for storing poisonous powder. It was made to be used to commit suicide if captured by foes or simply kill enemies by poisoning their wine.

However, this wasn’t the only use of poison rings. They were often used to hold notes, locks of hair, religious relics, or other souvenirs of a religious or romantic nature. Poison rings are still quite popular. In fact, they are one of the best etsy jewelry pieces you can buy.


best etsy jewelry

This captivating piece of jewelry dates back to the Romans but was used through the 16th and 17th centuries. It was particularly popular during the 16th century throughout Europe. As mentioned above, it was used to contain many things e.g. devotional relics, messages, locks of hair, perfume, etc. Different and fashionable, most of the rich people owned one.

The poison ring came to Europe from the Middle East, Asia, and Russia as a result of the Holy Trade. There were variety of uses for these best etsy jewelry pieces that had nothing to do with storing souvenirs.

Poison Ring as a Means to an End

poison ring

This specific piece of jewelry had been used in the past for killing by assassins or suicide by those in captivity. The tiny compartment under the ring’s bezel would hide cyanide or arsenic – the weapon of choice by Venice’s political assassins at that time. While the captor waited for the guillotine, noose or other ways of torment, the prisoner would use the ring to take the poison, hence ending his life and avoiding the torture. Rulers used these rings to hide poison and kill their political adversaries.

The poison rings were made with intercut detail. The ring’s construction determined how the poison would be dispensed. For instance, some rings had a lever that would open the top of the bezel upon pressing. Others had a small hole drilled into the right or left side depending on which hand it was supposed to be worn. The wearer would dispense the poison into a glass of wine by simply removing the inside finger concealing the hole.

700 Years Old Bulgarian Bronze Poison Ring

best etsy jewelry

A 700 years old poison ring was found in 2013 by Bulgarian archaeologists on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The site at which it was found used to be at the center of a brutal inter-family struggle between Dobrotitsa and his son Ivanko – the rulers of the Principality of Karvuna in the 14th century. The ring may help explain the series of political murders within the region during that period.

The poison ring is not out of fashion. There are wide variety of modern versions of these rings available nowadays. They are some of the best etsy jewelry pieces you can buy. Prices range from under $40 to thousands of dollars.

Jewelry Fraud

designer jewelry

Fake jewelry is on the rise, with counterfeit pieces often appearing to look as good as the real jewelry. However, fake jewelry is no substitute for the real thing. They look great to begin with, but after some time, they start to show their true colors. Jewelry stores sometimes tell the customers that the certain piece they are selling is a replica in the fine print. However, other times the vendors are desperately trying to make a quick dollar at consumer’s expense. Shopping vintage or shopping online also opens you up to being caught out by fakes.

What is Fake Jewelry?

Fake jewelry is exactly what it sounds like; a piece of designer jewelry that is a replica of the real thing. Just as consumers sometimes become victims of buying replica watches e.g. Cartier, Hublot, Rolex, etc., they buy the jewelry thinking that it is the real thing only to find out later that it is not authentic. Fake jewelry can consist of the sale of fake gold, diamonds, etc. Vendors trying to make a quick dollar sell jewelry pieces disguised as genuine or authentic and provide false papers of authenticity to satisfy the consumer. As a result, the consumer ends up paying thousands of dollars for something that isn’t even the real thing.

Legal Assistance

designer jewelry

Being sold fake jewelry can be an embarrassing and frustrating experience. Fortunately, you are likely to recover for damages by filing a jewelry fraud lawsuit. This is because if the vendor sells you fake jewelry without informing you about it, he is liable for fraud and deceptive business practices. As a victim of jewelry fraud, you can hire the services of an attorney at law to sue the vendor or store for your damages. Civil lawsuits are often filed by victims to seek compensation. You can also contact your local authorities and report this kind of behavior. You can get help with both the criminal and civil side of your complaint.

If you win the lawsuit, then the amount recovered is generally the same as the value of the original piece of jewelry that you thought you purchased. In some cases, courts can award the higher value of the product.

Filing a Jewelry Fraud Lawsuit

attorney at law

If you have been sold fake designer jewelry and you are considering to bring forth a cause of action, then it is highly recommended that you consult an attorney at law. Hiring the services of an experienced jewelry fraud lawyer is very important as they have the resources to alert the proper authorities and file a jewelry fraud lawsuit in a timely and efficient manner. You may need to provide certain details e.g. the time of purchase, the amount you paid, purchase receipt, etc. The attorney will work with you every step of the way to make this process easier. Most attorneys provide free first consultation and handle your case on a contingency basis. All in all, with the help of a jewelry fraud lawyer, you will be able to recover your economic loss of purchasing fake jewelry.

Great Etsy Vape Jewelry

The CBD oil market is growing with each passing day. As most countries are making efforts for its legalization, people are now eager to find the best platforms to purchase their best products. The great news is that it is not just about CBD oils, edibles, gummies, tinctures, etc. rather, people are even interested in buying vape jewelry products as well.

Several big brands in the market these days are making efforts to design attractive and useful CBD jewelry products. However, new age buyers may still get confused about how to choose the best one online. Well, don’t worry! The guide below can help you better in this regard.

How to buy great Etsy vape jewelry?
There are lots of attractive products from different brands; but while moving out for shopping, it is important to understand which factors you need to focus upon. It will help you to make a safe purchase:

Your vape jewelry must match your style:
As they are many in numbers, and you can find these jewelry pieces finished with unique designs, it is essential to be careful while making a selection. Don’t buy anything that you are not going to use. Your jewelry piece must match your style requirements. At least, you must be able to wear it with all your outfits.

It must be safe and secure:
Most of the experts recommend buying CBD vape necklaces because they are the safest solution and you may never lose them. Moreover, they stay with you wherever you go and can ensure immediate access to your vape liquids or juuls.

Fit to your budget:
Another important consideration is to check the price of the vaping jewelry product. If you are a beginner, it may be difficult for you to make a big investment. But the best idea is to look for available discounts online. You can find many such options in the market to save money without compromising for quality.

Some of the best choices for buyers:
Here we have listed some of the most amazing products for vape jewelry buyers that they can find online with ease:

Juul Vape Case Necklace:
It comes in an attractive black color and looks perfect with every modern outfit. It makes sure that your accessory stays with you all the time. The elegant finish with silver chain makes its the best addition to your existing jewelry collection.

Vape pair of cufflinks:
Man’s might be curious to know the best vaping oil products for them. Well, there is nothing better than the vape pair of cufflinks. They highlight your personality while providing you immediate access to your CBD.

Vape pen holder/necklace:
Those who love to use vape pens more often might be worried about how to keep their accessory with them all day long. Prefer to buy a beautiful vape pen holder necklace that can stay with you at the office, in the evening parties; at home and even during adventure tours as well.

Pick one of the best product online, and soon, you will be able to enjoy the best vaping experience.

Cannabis Jewelry

Cannabis is a product extracted from the hemp plant. Cannabis has been increasingly gaining popularity and getting legalized in more and more states as it has a vast array of applications, such as medical use, recreational use, use in dietary supplements, etc. There is one particular application of cannabis that has been gaining a lot of popularity recently. It is the creation of cannabis jewelry. The properties of cannabis make it ideal for this purpose and as a result, the jewelry is loved by many individuals.

Cannabis jewelry comes in all different forms, sizes, and shapes. If offers something to everyone and offers something different and intriguing from most other types of jewelry. Some of the popular cannabis jewelry pieces include body jewelry, necklaces, and bracelets.

Apart from cannabis, pure hemp jewelry is also available on the market. It is made of hemp twine which is a biodegradable, strong twine that is one of the most popular choices for the manufacture of cordage. Cannabis jewelry feels smooth against the skin and the jewelry pieces are high quality, making cannabis the perfect material for use as jewelry.

There are many different techniques for making cannabis jewelry. Beading, weaving, crochet (and others) – the technique used depends largely on the desired product. Different people like different types of pieces. Females tend to prefer products with beads and more decorative features and males often opt for simpler jewelry, although cannabis jewelry can be relatively genderless.

There could be a number of reasons for buying cannabis jewelry. You might want to buy it to show support for the cannabis legalization movement, purchase it to gift it to your stoner friend/girlfriend, and more. Being fashionable, unique, and relatively affordable are also primary reasons for choosing cannabis jewelry. Cannabis jewelry can be highly attractive and it feels more natural than other jewelry pieces.

Cannabis jewelry may attract some individuals due to its organic nature, as the hemp plant is biodegradable and contains no synthetic materials. Some individuals may be attracted to cannabis jewelry simply because it offers a different and unique quality. Whatever the reason for buying cannabis jewelry, it is a product that has been gaining a lot of popularity and will continue to do so in the future.

Cannabis is fashionable. You can see this by learning about the fact that so many jewelry brands nowadays are starting to use cannabis in their designs. These brands have turned to cannabis for inspiration as well as to support cannabis legalization in various states. Another reason these brands are choosing cannabis for their designs is that cannabis jewelry is not confined to a certain style or genre. Not to mention the demand for such jewelry is increasing day-by-day.

All in all, cannabis is very popular with jewelry brands and makers because it is surprisingly practical. Relatively inexpensive, cannabis jewelry comes in a wide variety of different sizes and levels of thickness. Necklaces, bracelets, and beads are some of the most popular cannabis jewelry items being sold on the market today.

Etsy Vial Jewelry for Storing CBD Oil

Thanks to the increasing popularity of CBD oil, there are a wide variety of unique products available on the market that make it easy for you to carry the CBD oil. While there are many options available when it comes to storing and carrying CBD oil anywhere, vial jewelry is the new craze nowadays. These tiny and gorgeous pieces allow you to store a small amount of CBD oil. These special jewelry pieces are excellent as you can carry your CBD oil in style. You can find tons of beautiful and elegant jewelry pieces for storing CBD oil on Etsy.

Following are some of the Etsy vial jewelry pieces you might be interested in:

Empty Vial Necklace

Empty Vial Necklace

This is an excellent handmade jewelry piece made with silver plated chain, findings, and glass test tube with fixed metal cap. The glass vial is empty as the name suggests and you can easily open it via the tiny screw-top to fill the vial with a substance of your choice.

This CBD oil necklace has been designed to allow customers to store and carry CBD oil. However, you can also store and carry other substances like essential oil, powder, glitter, and more. You can also purchase the chain separately in case you need it. There is a silver-plated keyring option available as well which you can buy and hang onto this necklace to add to its elegance.

Rose Gold Glass Vial Pendant

Rose Gold Glass Vial Pendant

This is another handmade jewelry piece made with stainless steel and glass. The gorgeous pendant is made from stainless steel with rose gold tone. You can fill it with a variety of substances, such as CBD oil, sand, glitter, hair, ashes, etc.

The vial is easy to fill and there is a fill kit that comes with the product that contains instructions, superglue, funnel, and a tiny screwdriver. All in all, it is an excellent jewelry piece for storing and carrying a tiny amount of CBD oil.

Stash Necklace

Stash Necklace

Here’s another handmade item that has been made with silver plated findings, sliver plated chains, and glass test tube with silver cap, stainless steel ball chain, and glitter.

This is a CBD oil necklace as the empty glass vial is ideal for filling with CBD oil. The tiny screw-top is easy to remove so you can store a few drops of CBD oil with ease. One thing you should note about this CBD oil necklace is that its whole silver top is not removable and only the tiny screw cap can be removed.

Glass Vial Rice Necklace

Glass Vial Rice Necklace

This glass vial rice necklace as the name suggests, has been made with glass. Comes with a necklace chain, the glass vial is ideal for storing CBD oil. The silver-plated screw metal cap is easy to remove.

Apart from storing CBD oil, you can put anything you like inside this CBD oil necklace, such as fancy charms, shells, natural stones, lucky beads, mini dry flowers, essential oil, perfume, etc. This CBD oil necklace also makes a perfect gift to give to your friends and lovers.

When to give jewelry in a relationship

Now that you and your partner have had a steady relationship for a quite some time now, a probable question running in your head at this point can be what is the right time to present him/her with a piece of jewelry or the engagement ring.

Jewelry not only functions as a souvenir, it is also a perfect way to let your partner know that they have turned into an indispensable part of your life, someone without whom you cannot dream of your future ahead. Here are some the best occasions when you can gift jewelry to your partner and following these would prove them to be some of the best relationship tips you have ever come across.

jewelry in a relationship

On birthdays:
The birthday of your partner is one of the best opportunities to gift your partner jewelry or the engagement ring to turn it into their best birthday ever! Moreover buying a single piece of jewelry will speak out loud for itself and you do not have to invest in any other grand celebrations to make it a memorable one. Significance is not the only hallmark that comes with it, the piece promises that something significant would start hereafter.

Whether you are celebrating your anniversary when you are still in the phase of dating or are married, resorting to jewelry is always a good idea. Anniversaries signify that you have completed yet another successful year of togetherness with one another and such years in itself add up as stepping stones towards achieving the milestone of years of companionship; the jewelry will justify the gravity of these situations.

To celebrate achievements:
What better can you choose to offer as a thoughtful gift for your partner when they have achieved something significant in their lives, something that they have been dreaming of for so long? This relationship tip will ensure that your partner knows that you are equally happy as your partner in his/her achievement, or maybe even better and want to be a part of such upcoming celebrations for the rest of your lives.

To make the relationship official:
If you have crossed some of the crucial stages of the life together and want your partner to be by your side for the rest of your life, then it is no brainer that now it would be the perfect time to pop the question, and nothing can come better to your aid in this case other than an official engagement ring or any other piece of jewelry that they can wear through all times.

On your wedding day:
The best relationship tip that we can help you with is presenting your partner with a jewelry on the most significant day of your lives, that is, your wedding day. For instance, surprise him/her with their favorite design or the one on which they had their eyes for quite a while now just before making the vows and trust us when we say that this gesture will make the whole occasion all the more special to both of you and will only have fond memories attached to it.

Navajo Rug & Jewelry Show

The Navajo Rug & Jewelry Show has grown a lot from its humble beginnings. It started in 1989 at Kimball Art Center as a simple display of a few rugs for sale into a multi-day celebration of the Navajo culture and arts. It was founded by Linda Myers, a resident of the Park City who was inspired and encouraged by the stories and rug designs of Navajo elders at a certain show that she visited in Northern Arizona. Myers soon started collecting donated food, simple medicines, and clothing to bring to those elders who still live their traditional, old lifestyle, something the Adopt-A-Native Elder program does even to this day.

rugs for sale

The idea for a Rug Show was born in Park City thanks to the desire to support Native cultural exchange and communities. Navajo Rug & Jewelry Show is now the largest event of its type in the country and offers the guests a unique opportunity to learn more about the Navajo way of life. This show has grown to feature over 700 rugs for sale and all profits from the rug and jewelry sales go to the weaver/creator.

If you follow this brand, then you may already know that the beautiful landscapes and culture of the American Southwestern desserts offer a lot of inspiration for their jewelry and glass beads. Navajo rug weaving offers an amazing inspiration.

rugs for sale

Every year the Navajo Rug & Jewelry Show celebrates different styles of rug weaving. The last year’s theme for the show was “Weaving Ancient Designs” and it featured both Navajo pottery and rugs for sale with patterns that recall natural elements such as flowers, clouds, mountains, and sand. Remarkably, each rug you find on this show is meticulously woven by hand. According to them, you can feel the hands of the individual weaver in every rug. To give an idea of what a challenging task this is, a typical 4” x 6” rug takes about three months to create (working full time), while the more complex styles can take up to six months. There are hundreds of rugs on sale on the Navajo Rug & Jewelry Show.

rugs for sale

This year, the Natural History of Museum of Utah will host a sale of Navajo rugs of various designs styles and sizes, all handwoven by artists from the Four Corners region. Toh-Atin Gallery of Durango, Colorado will host this silent auction.

Even though the format of this sale will be that of a silent auction, each rug will have a “buy it now” price tag that will allow the first bidder to purchase the rug instantly by paying over 20% of the minimum bid. A certain portion of the profit will benefit the museum.

Here are the details of 2019 Navajo Rug Sale:
• Date: Saturday, April 6
• Time: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
• Location: Natural History Museum of Utah, Rio Tinto Center

Guests are invited to bring their own rugs for assessment as well as restoration advice from the owner of Toh-Atin Gallery, Jackson Clark II. Museum admission is not required to attend this Navajo rug sale.

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