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Bethany Cocco’s designs are characterized by juxtapositions: precious metals take on the textures and patterns of natural objects or mimic the eroding surfaces of manmade ones. The spirit of the pieces in her current line is both delicate and raw. It is inspired by the beauty the artist discovers 

Their designer line is top notch. It’s a must visit for everyone.
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Great Etsy Vape Jewelry

The CBD oil market is growing with each passing day. As most countries are making efforts for its legalization, people are now eager to find the best platforms to purchase their best products. The great news is that it is not just about CBD oils, edibles, gummies, tinctures, etc. rather, people are even interested in buying vape jewelry products as well.

Several big brands in the market these days are making efforts to design attractive and useful CBD jewelry products. However, new age buyers may still get confused about how to choose the best one online. Well, don’t worry! The guide below can help you better in this regard.

How to buy great Etsy vape jewelry?
There are lots of attractive products from different brands; but while moving out for shopping, it is important to understand which factors you need to focus upon. It will help you to make a safe purchase:

Your vape jewelry must match your style:
As they are many in numbers, and you can find these jewelry pieces finished with unique designs, it is essential to be careful while making a selection. Don’t buy anything that you are not going to use. Your jewelry piece must match your style requirements. At least, you must be able to wear it with all your outfits.

It must be safe and secure:
Most of the experts recommend buying CBD vape necklaces because they are the safest solution and you may never lose them. Moreover, they stay with you wherever you go and can ensure immediate access to your vape liquids or juuls.

Fit to your budget:
Another important consideration is to check the price of the vaping jewelry product. If you are a beginner, it may be difficult for you to make a big investment. But the best idea is to look for available discounts online. You can find many such options in the market to save money without compromising for quality.

Some of the best choices for buyers:
Here we have listed some of the most amazing products for vape jewelry buyers that they can find online with ease:

Juul Vape Case Necklace:
It comes in an attractive black color and looks perfect with every modern outfit. It makes sure that your accessory stays with you all the time. The elegant finish with silver chain makes its the best addition to your existing jewelry collection.

Vape pair of cufflinks:
Man’s might be curious to know the best vaping oil products for them. Well, there is nothing better than the vape pair of cufflinks. They highlight your personality while providing you immediate access to your CBD.

Vape pen holder/necklace:
Those who love to use vape pens more often might be worried about how to keep their accessory with them all day long. Prefer to buy a beautiful vape pen holder necklace that can stay with you at the office, in the evening parties; at home and even during adventure tours as well.

Pick one of the best product online, and soon, you will be able to enjoy the best vaping experience.

Cannabis Jewelry

Cannabis is a product extracted from the hemp plant. Cannabis has been increasingly gaining popularity and getting legalized in more and more states as it has a vast array of applications, such as medical use, recreational use, use in dietary supplements, etc. There is one particular application of cannabis that has been gaining a lot of popularity recently. It is the creation of cannabis jewelry. The properties of cannabis make it ideal for this purpose and as a result, the jewelry is loved by many individuals.

Cannabis jewelry comes in all different forms, sizes, and shapes. If offers something to everyone and offers something different and intriguing from most other types of jewelry. Some of the popular cannabis jewelry pieces include body jewelry, necklaces, and bracelets.

Apart from cannabis, pure hemp jewelry is also available on the market. It is made of hemp twine which is a biodegradable, strong twine that is one of the most popular choices for the manufacture of cordage. Cannabis jewelry feels smooth against the skin and the jewelry pieces are high quality, making cannabis the perfect material for use as jewelry.

There are many different techniques for making cannabis jewelry. Beading, weaving, crochet (and others) – the technique used depends largely on the desired product. Different people like different types of pieces. Females tend to prefer products with beads and more decorative features and males often opt for simpler jewelry, although cannabis jewelry can be relatively genderless.

There could be a number of reasons for buying cannabis jewelry. You might want to buy it to show support for the cannabis legalization movement, purchase it to gift it to your stoner friend/girlfriend, and more. Being fashionable, unique, and relatively affordable are also primary reasons for choosing cannabis jewelry. Cannabis jewelry can be highly attractive and it feels more natural than other jewelry pieces.

Cannabis jewelry may attract some individuals due to its organic nature, as the hemp plant is biodegradable and contains no synthetic materials. Some individuals may be attracted to cannabis jewelry simply because it offers a different and unique quality. Whatever the reason for buying cannabis jewelry, it is a product that has been gaining a lot of popularity and will continue to do so in the future.

Cannabis is fashionable. You can see this by learning about the fact that so many jewelry brands nowadays are starting to use cannabis in their designs. These brands have turned to cannabis for inspiration as well as to support cannabis legalization in various states. Another reason these brands are choosing cannabis for their designs is that cannabis jewelry is not confined to a certain style or genre. Not to mention the demand for such jewelry is increasing day-by-day.

All in all, cannabis is very popular with jewelry brands and makers because it is surprisingly practical. Relatively inexpensive, cannabis jewelry comes in a wide variety of different sizes and levels of thickness. Necklaces, bracelets, and beads are some of the most popular cannabis jewelry items being sold on the market today.

Etsy Vial Jewelry for Storing CBD Oil

Thanks to the increasing popularity of CBD oil, there are a wide variety of unique products available on the market that make it easy for you to carry the CBD oil. While there are many options available when it comes to storing and carrying CBD oil anywhere, vial jewelry is the new craze nowadays. These tiny and gorgeous pieces allow you to store a small amount of CBD oil. These special jewelry pieces are excellent as you can carry your CBD oil in style. You can find tons of beautiful and elegant jewelry pieces for storing CBD oil on Etsy.

Following are some of the Etsy vial jewelry pieces you might be interested in:

Empty Vial Necklace

Empty Vial Necklace

This is an excellent handmade jewelry piece made with silver plated chain, findings, and glass test tube with fixed metal cap. The glass vial is empty as the name suggests and you can easily open it via the tiny screw-top to fill the vial with a substance of your choice.

This CBD oil necklace has been designed to allow customers to store and carry CBD oil. However, you can also store and carry other substances like essential oil, powder, glitter, and more. You can also purchase the chain separately in case you need it. There is a silver-plated keyring option available as well which you can buy and hang onto this necklace to add to its elegance.

Rose Gold Glass Vial Pendant

Rose Gold Glass Vial Pendant

This is another handmade jewelry piece made with stainless steel and glass. The gorgeous pendant is made from stainless steel with rose gold tone. You can fill it with a variety of substances, such as CBD oil, sand, glitter, hair, ashes, etc.

The vial is easy to fill and there is a fill kit that comes with the product that contains instructions, superglue, funnel, and a tiny screwdriver. All in all, it is an excellent jewelry piece for storing and carrying a tiny amount of CBD oil.

Stash Necklace

Stash Necklace

Here’s another handmade item that has been made with silver plated findings, sliver plated chains, and glass test tube with silver cap, stainless steel ball chain, and glitter.

This is a CBD oil necklace as the empty glass vial is ideal for filling with CBD oil. The tiny screw-top is easy to remove so you can store a few drops of CBD oil with ease. One thing you should note about this CBD oil necklace is that its whole silver top is not removable and only the tiny screw cap can be removed.

Glass Vial Rice Necklace

Glass Vial Rice Necklace

This glass vial rice necklace as the name suggests, has been made with glass. Comes with a necklace chain, the glass vial is ideal for storing CBD oil. The silver-plated screw metal cap is easy to remove.

Apart from storing CBD oil, you can put anything you like inside this CBD oil necklace, such as fancy charms, shells, natural stones, lucky beads, mini dry flowers, essential oil, perfume, etc. This CBD oil necklace also makes a perfect gift to give to your friends and lovers.

When to give jewelry in a relationship

Now that you and your partner have had a steady relationship for a quite some time now, a probable question running in your head at this point can be what is the right time to present him/her with a piece of jewelry or the engagement ring.

Jewelry not only functions as a souvenir, it is also a perfect way to let your partner know that they have turned into an indispensable part of your life, someone without whom you cannot dream of your future ahead. Here are some the best occasions when you can gift jewelry to your partner and following these would prove them to be some of the best relationship tips you have ever come across.

jewelry in a relationship

On birthdays:
The birthday of your partner is one of the best opportunities to gift your partner jewelry or the engagement ring to turn it into their best birthday ever! Moreover buying a single piece of jewelry will speak out loud for itself and you do not have to invest in any other grand celebrations to make it a memorable one. Significance is not the only hallmark that comes with it, the piece promises that something significant would start hereafter.

Whether you are celebrating your anniversary when you are still in the phase of dating or are married, resorting to jewelry is always a good idea. Anniversaries signify that you have completed yet another successful year of togetherness with one another and such years in itself add up as stepping stones towards achieving the milestone of years of companionship; the jewelry will justify the gravity of these situations.

To celebrate achievements:
What better can you choose to offer as a thoughtful gift for your partner when they have achieved something significant in their lives, something that they have been dreaming of for so long? This relationship tip will ensure that your partner knows that you are equally happy as your partner in his/her achievement, or maybe even better and want to be a part of such upcoming celebrations for the rest of your lives.

To make the relationship official:
If you have crossed some of the crucial stages of the life together and want your partner to be by your side for the rest of your life, then it is no brainer that now it would be the perfect time to pop the question, and nothing can come better to your aid in this case other than an official engagement ring or any other piece of jewelry that they can wear through all times.

On your wedding day:
The best relationship tip that we can help you with is presenting your partner with a jewelry on the most significant day of your lives, that is, your wedding day. For instance, surprise him/her with their favorite design or the one on which they had their eyes for quite a while now just before making the vows and trust us when we say that this gesture will make the whole occasion all the more special to both of you and will only have fond memories attached to it.

Navajo Rug & Jewelry Show

The Navajo Rug & Jewelry Show has grown a lot from its humble beginnings. It started in 1989 at Kimball Art Center as a simple display of a few rugs for sale into a multi-day celebration of the Navajo culture and arts. It was founded by Linda Myers, a resident of the Park City who was inspired and encouraged by the stories and rug designs of Navajo elders at a certain show that she visited in Northern Arizona. Myers soon started collecting donated food, simple medicines, and clothing to bring to those elders who still live their traditional, old lifestyle, something the Adopt-A-Native Elder program does even to this day.

rugs for sale

The idea for a Rug Show was born in Park City thanks to the desire to support Native cultural exchange and communities. Navajo Rug & Jewelry Show is now the largest event of its type in the country and offers the guests a unique opportunity to learn more about the Navajo way of life. This show has grown to feature over 700 rugs for sale and all profits from the rug and jewelry sales go to the weaver/creator.

If you follow this brand, then you may already know that the beautiful landscapes and culture of the American Southwestern desserts offer a lot of inspiration for their jewelry and glass beads. Navajo rug weaving offers an amazing inspiration.

rugs for sale

Every year the Navajo Rug & Jewelry Show celebrates different styles of rug weaving. The last year’s theme for the show was “Weaving Ancient Designs” and it featured both Navajo pottery and rugs for sale with patterns that recall natural elements such as flowers, clouds, mountains, and sand. Remarkably, each rug you find on this show is meticulously woven by hand. According to them, you can feel the hands of the individual weaver in every rug. To give an idea of what a challenging task this is, a typical 4” x 6” rug takes about three months to create (working full time), while the more complex styles can take up to six months. There are hundreds of rugs on sale on the Navajo Rug & Jewelry Show.

rugs for sale

This year, the Natural History of Museum of Utah will host a sale of Navajo rugs of various designs styles and sizes, all handwoven by artists from the Four Corners region. Toh-Atin Gallery of Durango, Colorado will host this silent auction.

Even though the format of this sale will be that of a silent auction, each rug will have a “buy it now” price tag that will allow the first bidder to purchase the rug instantly by paying over 20% of the minimum bid. A certain portion of the profit will benefit the museum.

Here are the details of 2019 Navajo Rug Sale:
• Date: Saturday, April 6
• Time: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
• Location: Natural History Museum of Utah, Rio Tinto Center

Guests are invited to bring their own rugs for assessment as well as restoration advice from the owner of Toh-Atin Gallery, Jackson Clark II. Museum admission is not required to attend this Navajo rug sale.

Jewelry Marketing

There is a huge market for fine jewelry. There are many jewelry retailers in the business. It is, therefore, a competitive industry to venture into. To get the best value, you have to create a good marketing plan. You can start by hiring a marketing consultant. A lot of people will compete for the lion share of the jewelry market. Dedication is very vital when it comes to jewelry marketing.

You have to know your niche in order to specialize in the field that you want to serve. If you do not concentrate on a particular field, then you are bound to lose your customers to your competitors. It is therefore advisable to develop a strategy which you will use to market. Not only should you focus on the growth of your current customer base, but you should also focus on retaining the customers you already have.

Jewelry Marketing

More and more creative brands are coming into jewelry marketing, making it a very dynamic industry. There is constant demand, people will buy fine jewelry throughout the year. Therefore, establish your jewelry business firmly in order to win more customers. Shun old marketing styles and use more modern and greatly adverse marketing strategies which will reap more benefit. You can consult a marketing consultant. This article has compiled a number of marketing strategies which you can use in a competitive jewelry market.

  • Online Marketing

A lot of businesses are tapping into this avenue to attract more customers. The number of mobile phone users who are online has continued to increase with each passing day. Almost everyone has a social media account. To create a wider market for your fine jewelry, advertise on these social media platforms. The benefit of this is that it will get to a lot of people because more people have access to social media. It is also a good way to globalize your business because social media has turned the world into a global village.

  • Improve customer support
Jewelry Marketing

Customer support will play an important role in increasing your services and merchandise reputation to the general public. This strategy is good for consumer retention; consumers will always come back whenever they get good service. You should be very knowledgeable in your field and help them get what they want.

Marketing assistant in understanding the needs of your customer base and actually giving it to them is very important in improving your market share. Learn how to handle your customers well. Make sure that the customer is comfortable with you. Ensure that they enjoy shopping from you.

  • Identify your market

This important question should always pop on your mind, “To whom am I selling this?” If you are able to answer this question, then you are ok. If you are not, then you need to find a way to do it. Having a specific market niche enables you to make more sales in the sense that you will know their needs or desires and respond to them effectively. This will also affect how you will advertise. Make an ad which will make sense to your target audience. Establish the reasons which set your audience from the general consumer base and make sure that you address their needs. Remember what your audience wants and endeavor to give them just that.

  • Collaborate

Teamwork is very essential in giving good customer service. Ensure that you get your team to work together and coordinate with each other. You will also need to network and create links with people who matter in the jewelry. Get to know several bloggers, business owners and article creators who share the same ideas as you do. Ask for their insight on what they think you should do in order to grow your brand.

  • Be emotional

Get emotional when you sell your jewelry. Tell an emotional story about your business. Fine jewelry revolves around emotions, the jewelry store with the most emotional story gets more customers. Always remember that jewelry is important. Wedding rings, engagement rings, birthday rings are all laden with emotion and attachment. Look for a specialist who will be able to develop a marketing strategy for you.

  • Hire

Small businesses owners are usually skeptical about hiring. This should not be a problem for a visionary business owner. Instead of struggling with marketing the brand if you have limited skills in marketing, then it is advisable that you hire a marketing consultant. which will help you go about it. This will help you focus on other important aspects of the business, like customer satisfaction and merchandise development.

  • Listen
Jewelry Marketing

Take into consideration what your clients think about your services and jewelry. Encourage them to issue reviews of the product. Ask them what they did not like about your services. Do not be over imposing. Make them feel comfortable. Assure them that you will take into consideration their issues. And do it. It would be very rude not to listen to your clientele. Ensure that you have a review section in the social media adverts where you can see what your customers say about your product. Engage them. If you listen to them, then you will have a chance to develop your brand in collaboration with a market consultant if you have one.

  • Be visionary

Picture your business in five years. Where do you want it to be? Create a plan of action which you will take in order to improve services. Let your customers know that you have a well thought out plan for the future.

Etsy Wine Jewelry

If you are passionate about wine and jewelry at the same time, you can combine it into wearing wine jewelry. Whether it is red or white wine, you can find some great pieces on Etsy. Here you can find earrings, necklaces, bracelets and many more.


Etsy offers you a great choice of wine earrings. They are made in all kinds of earrings, going from stud to the chandelier ones.

Wine earrings are made in many shapes and sizes. Here are some examples:

pair of glasses of wine

a glass and a bottle

a bottle and an opener

two bottles

two pieces of grapes

interesting inscriptions or quotes about wine and love for wine

3D design.

These wine earrings are colored in silver, golden, silver/golden and red combination, purple. The bottle earrings are sometimes really breath-taking ones. They can be designed really well, with a lot of details, very realistic. In different occasions, you can choose different types of earrings.

For the elegant night out, we would recommend red and golden stud earrings with grapes. For the usual night out for a drink with friends, you can put a bottle or glasses one. Etsy jewelry really has some of the coolest stud wine earrings on the market.


Besides earrings, Etsy jewelry has a wide range of super cute bracelets for wine lovers. Depending on your style, you can choose out of leather, wish let, charm, cuff, stretchy, whatever you like.

Wish let bracelets are a really nice piece of jewelry, with some interesting, funny or wise thoughts. This type of bracelet is a perfect gift, especially if there is a memory or a story somewhere in behind.

Another loveable gift inspired by the wine would be a personalized bracelet with a bottle. Inside the bottle, you can engrave a name, a date, a year, whatever you like. Bet that this would enchant the one who will receive this unique present.

Cuff bracelets are also very interesting. They have many witty sayings engraved in it. For example: “When in doubt, drink wine first”, “”Run now, wine later”, “Will trade husband for wine”, “Partner in wine” and similar.

A charm bracelet is a girly piece of Etsy jewelry. You can find different pieces stringed on it. Those are usually grapes, glasses full of wine, wine bottles, openers, maybe some initial letters if it is personalized. There is a piece with a quote about wine stringed on it also.

Some burgundy or golden variants of wine bracelets are just adorable.


On Etsy jewelry, you can find wine necklaces also.

You can find thin and inconspicuous necklaces or some really extravagant ones.

When we talk about think ones, they are usually silver or golden, medium-short and with a bottle of wine pouring the wine in a glass. Or maybe you would like more a simple think necklace with a full glass of wine, colored in red.

As you probably know, Resveratrol is a secret wine ingredient. It is good for overall health. So if you love wine, you should celebrate Resveratrol at the same time. The necklaces of this type are made of Resveratrol molecules. How cute, right?

This can turn into a really elegant piece of jewelry if it is ornamented with small red or burgundy zircons on the borders of the necklace. Just a little reminder, here on Etsy jewelry you can purchase beautiful silver rings with the Resveratrol molecules. You can pair it with the necklace.

So, let’s talk now about a wine glass as a necklace. Yes, you read it right! The designers made this practical, or from somebody’s view crazy invention. This way you are wearing real glass around your neck and pour it up whenever you want. Of course, it shouldn’t be fully loaded, but even a half of it is okay. You can use this necklace for making a bachelorette party if you and your friends are wine lovers.

And this is not the end. If you would like to design a piece of wine jewelry on your own, you can purchase cute pendants here in Etsy jewelry section. There are glasses of wine, openers, grapes, bottles. Even many badges are made in the name of the wine.

As you can see, Etsy jewelry offers you a wide range of wine jewelry. There is almost nothing that you can imagine that doesn’t exist on this site. Wine jewelry can be really elegant and gala, or it can go to the informal variants. It’s up to you to decide. As they say, “In vino veritas!”. So, raise a glass!

Best Etsy Wine Jewelry

Etsy іѕ аn е-соmmеrсе wеbѕіtе fосuѕеd оn handmade or сlаѕѕіс іtеmѕ and supplies, with unіԛuе factory-manufactured іtеmѕ. Etsy Wine Jewelry is always a popular category and while the market may seem “flooded” to the average person there is a good reason for it. Wine Jewelry is always an emotional decision. A piece of jewelry is a unique purchase for a special and unique person. Below is some of the best etsy jewelry you can find!

Top 5 Etsy wine Jewelry

1. Gold wine charm necklace

This necklace is made with gold plated chain, an enamel-filled wine glass charm, and a hand-stamped initial charm. (You can also order without the initial) You choose the necklace length when you order!

All of my items are carefully wrapped and shipped through USPS with a tracking number. My items also come packaged in a neat cardboard box with ribbon and an organza drawstring pouch- perfect to give as a gift.

2. Crystal Bead Wine Glass Necklaces

Beautiful handmade bead wine glass holder necklaces. Beads are delicate jewelry, but the aluminum holder is sturdy and adjustable, fits most sizes of wine glasses, including stemless, to beer to even plastic party cups. An elegant choice for events, wine tasting, parties and more. Perfect gift for any wine lover and mother’s day. A great conversation piece at any event.

3. Red Wine Necklace

Tilts this silver wine bottle and watch it pour, filling the delicate wine glass dangling on the silver chain. The perfect gift for any wine lover and a great conversation piece! Solid sterling silver wine bottle and wine glass are hands cut by me with a small handheld jewelers saw. The pieces are hand filed and sanded smooth and given a brushed shiny finish. They are attached to a dainty sterling silver chain.

This piece is made of solid sterling silver, not plated material and is of high quality. It will last for years to come. The nесklасе соmеѕ juѕt as pictured, wіth thе front аnd back of thе wіnе bottle аnd glаѕѕ being blаnk.

4. Wіnе Bоttlе Necklace

Unique nесklасе fоr thе wine lover in your lіfе! Wine bottle pouring into a wine glass can be customized with up to 3 initials on the wine bottle, or 1 initial on the glass. Initials are stamped into the metal of either the glass or the bottle. After being stamped a special ink is placed into the stamped letters to help them stand out.

5. Custom Wine Bottle Necklace

Unique necklace for the wine lover in your life! Wine bottle pouring into a wine glass can be customized with up to 3 initials on the wine bottle, or 1 initial on the glass. Initials are stamped into the metal of either the glass or the bottle. After being stamped a special ink is placed into the stamped letters to let them stand out.


So if you looking for a specific color or style of wine Jewelry? Look no further than Etsy Jewelry to find exactly what you are looking for. Many of the jewelry merchant on Etsy take custom orders and are more than happy to support you with a custom-made design.

Best Pharmacist Jewelry on Etsy

Whether it necklaces, earrings or bracelets, jewelries are amazingly popular all over the world. They are without doubt a vital piece of human cultures and civilizations, serving numerous roles which are extremely important. Jewelry add-ons in many cases are the ‘icing on the cake’ to a complete outfit.

Jewelry charms dates back to the Neolithic times where people pick-up an uncommon stone or chunk of wood to supposedly chase away enemies. Also during the time of the Egyptian Pharaohs intricate jewelries made from precious stones and metals were widely used by the rich. It was during this time that the very first charm bracelets and necklaces emerged.

These days a lot of pharmacists are also flowing with the charms trend. Putting on pharmacist jewelry is a great way to display the pharmacist’s badge and other accessories elegantly featured in a variety of designs.

Here are a few pharmacist jewelries on etsy to purchase

Gathering Charms

This charm is a collection of silver plated clinical and pharmacist designed charms spread around a glowing silver plated bracelet chain. This is also a hand crafted charm bracelet. This charm bracelet is finished with a lobster hold and a little inch of chain towards the end for flexible sizing.

Charms on this bracelet include bottles and syringe charm, microscope charm, mortar, dopamine molecule charm, pharmacist heart charm and many others.

Luxe designs by Sarah

Luxe designs by Sarah are a Stunning stainless professionally etched and flexible bangle bracelet that’s found on Etsy. It comes with an in depth silver cadeceus, professionally etched “pharmacist” charm, authentic swarovski crystal and some choice of letter laser etched charm.

Bohemian Findings

The bohemian findings are lead and nickel free. They are manufactured from zinc alloy metals which are suitable for earrings, pendants and key chains. The products are absolutely free from lead and cadmium and nickel safe as they contain very little parts, all items are for grownup and not meant for kids under the age of 15.

Bam Bam Kreations

The Bam Bam Kreations is a customized Hand Stamped Pharmacist Stainless Steel Bangle Bracelet. The hand stamped disc shows a name that you pick and a Rx charm as well as additional charm of your preference designed on this expandable stainless steel.

Bezels and Beyond

This bracelet is an amazingly old fashioned twist-style silver cord that features a heart clasp. Due to the chain’s thickness the inside is only 7 inches. Hence, ensure you take a proper measurement of your wrist prior to buying this item also it is advisable to provide for a bit slack. It extension is crafted from heavy jump rings with a little heart at the end.

Several add-ons are attached to the bracelet including a laser engrave charm with the word ‘pharmacist’ and the Bowl of Hygieia. The goddess Hygieia was popularly known as the goddess of hygiene.

TC Jewelry Co

This bracelet by TC Jewelry Co is a beautiful and lengthy jewelry with a detachable extender and a clasp that can hook to any of the bracelets link in order to fit into smaller wrists. The chain and charms are silver plated and features lobster clasp closure, mortar and pestle charm, disc charm with symbols or initials and so on.

Best Android Jewelry Apps

The good news about finding the right jewelry for your needs is that it is just a click on an app away. No longer do you need to go from shop to shop when you can surf the web with the right iOS or Android app and find what you need. For Android users, the right app will help you find the best deals on jewelry or perhaps new, interesting designs that you never considered before.

What follows is some of the best Android jewelry apps that are currently available, both older and newer apps that help you find what you want. However, if you have a favorite jewelry store, especially a nationwide chain, then you might consider getting an app from them. Apps that come from brand name stores are perfect for those who want to keep up with the latest releases, discounts, and overall selection. While the brand apps are only good for that particular store, if you have a favorite, then you should consider downloading it to your Android phone.

Otherwise, here are a few apps that is sure to help you find what you need across a wide range of selections. Plus, there is another specialty store that offers an app which may be right up your alley.

Brian Gavin Diamond Application

For those who want to purchase loose diamonds that look great, this is the app for you. Here, you can find a wide variety of diamond jewelry thanks to its connection to Brian Gavin and his team who stands ready to serve you. Whether you need a necklace, ring, bracelet, or any type of jewelry that is available in the catalog, Gavin and his team makes the search enjoyable. Plus, you can search for loose diamonds, find out about the latest news, and get special discounts that will help out your budget.

Cheap Jewelry & Bijouterie Online Shopping App

The place to find great deals on jewelry is China and this Android app will allow you to find what you need at a discounted price. There is all types of jewelry on this app, from rings to beads to earrings, bangles, pendants, bracelets, and so much more. If it is jewelry, then you can find it on the app.

In addition to the jewelry that you can find at discounted prices, there is also a DIY jewelry craft ideas or design gallery that lets you create what you want for a low price. Otherwise, the app focuses on the latest styles that you can find for low, affordable prices to meet your budget.

Jewelry Design Gallery

This free app offers the latest in jewelry design which comprises of different jewelry from around the world. Plus, this Android app focuses on the latest trends in bracelets, necklaces, and many other types of jewelry. Stylish rings, beautiful bracelets, and accessories perfect for the summer or winter is what this app offers to you.

The selection can be see in the many photographs that are both provided and submitted to the site. This lets you see the latest in jewelry design while keeping the prices low and affordable. For many, this is the first app they select when looking for new jewelry designs. Plus, they often share their purchases with others or from the selection in the app which only increases the fun.

Jewelry Making & Beading Tutorials

Perhaps you cannot find what you want when searching the web for the right jewelry. If so, then you can make your own and save money at the same time. This Android app provides you with many patterns, projects, designs, and tutorials that demonstrate how you can take the raw materials and make beautiful pieces of jewelry.

This means that you can make bracelets, necklaces, pendants, earrings, rings, and more for a fraction of what it would cost if you purchased them complete. You can also use popular beads, crystals, and other materials to make your jewelry unique. It’s helps that this app provides the basics in instruction, from bead weaving, stitching, stringing, gluing, and more.

Jewelry Shopper

If you love shopping for jewelry, then this is the Android app for you. Here, you’ll find the latest jewelry designs in men’s and women’s categories. Plus, there are many sub-categories, so you can go straight to where you want to go and find excellent choices in jewelry at low, competitive prices. From wedding rings to bracelets, religious, anklets, necklaces, and so much more, this is a great app to have when you need the best in jewelry.

Because the selection comes from discount stores that stock the latest designs, you can find what you need quickly, so you can save money. Plus, the two major marketplaces where the jewelry can be found are AliExpress and Amazon, which means you have proven companies that will handle the transaction safely, so you can get the jewelry you want at low, affordable prices.

Riddle’s Jewelry

Riddle’s is a popular national chain of jewelry stores founded in 1959 in South Dakota. Over the years, Riddle’s has expanded their services to nine states and 65 stores. However, it is their online store which has really made strides in offering a wide selection of jewelry. The emphasis of this Android app is purchasing jewelry made in the USA that offers high quality at competitive pricing.

Trust is arguably the biggest selling point with Riddle’s, as they offer a great selection of jewelry with prices meant to fit the budget. It helps that the app itself is well-organized, so you can find what you need quickly and easily.

Getting the right Android app not only makes shopping for jewelry more convenient, but less expensive as well. You can find what you need on your time, make the purchase, and have it delivered to your home. The key is finding the right app or series of apps that cover your interests which is why this list will help you get what you want in great jewelry.

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