Cleaning your jewellery

Most of us wear jewellery on a daily basis, and everyday dirt and dust gets accumulated on the jewellery and makes it dirty. It is always nice to wear nice and clean jewellery, but most of us get confused when it comes to cleaning the jewellery. We often think that cleaning the jewellery will cause harm to the jewel and we also are not quite aware of how often we need to clean the jewellery.

Why do you need to clean your jewellery?

It is quite essential that you keep your jewellery clean, especially if you happen to be wearing them on a daily basis. When you don’t clean your jewellery, it can be a perfect home for bacteria. These bacteria in the jewellery will eventually cause skin irritation, allergies and other diseases. It can also cause decolourisation of metals, and you will lose the brightness of the jewel.

If you happen to be wearing same jewellery every day, you can consider removing once in two weeks and clean it with a mild cleaning detergent. Do not scrub too hard, but try to remove all the dirt that got accumulated on your jewel.


  How often do you need to clean your jewellery?

The answer to the above question will be based on how often you wear a piece of jewellery. If you wear it on a daily basis, you need to clean it quite often, but if you just wear a piece of jewellery on special occasions, you can clean it once a year. Diamond rings can withstand more damages, and thus they can be vigorously cleaned.

You can opt for a thorough cleaning of all your jewellery once a month, and you can also take it to a professional jewel cleaner who will clean the jewel and polish it for you. Try to avoid wearing fragile pieces of jewellery on a daily basis as you might end up causing a lot of damages to it; you also cannot clean it often as it is fragile and you might break the jewel.

Cleaning Jewellery at home:

You don’t have to take your jewels to the jewellery cleaning professional all the time. You can even clean them at your house. There are many DIY cleaning steps for cleaning ornaments at home. Focus on removing the dirt on the jewellery and then with a soft cloth or a toothbrush you can gently clean your jewels.

Jewellery maintenance:

Jewells bring out the beauty in you. It shows who you are and it represents your style and personality. To make your jewels shine and glow you need to maintain it properly. Apart from cleaning your jewellery, you need to make sure that you are not wearing your jewels in the places you should not be wearing. Try to avoid wearing jewels while cooking, swimming, exercising, sleeping etc.