Etsy Wine Jewelry

If you are passionate about wine and jewelry at the same time, you can combine it into wearing wine jewelry. Whether it is red or white wine, you can find some great pieces on Etsy. Here you can find earrings, necklaces, bracelets and many more.


Etsy offers you a great choice of wine earrings. They are made in all kinds of earrings, going from stud to the chandelier ones.

Wine earrings are made in many shapes and sizes. Here are some examples:

pair of glasses of wine

a glass and a bottle

a bottle and an opener

two bottles

two pieces of grapes

interesting inscriptions or quotes about wine and love for wine

3D design.

These wine earrings are colored in silver, golden, silver/golden and red combination, purple. The bottle earrings are sometimes really breath-taking ones. They can be designed really well, with a lot of details, very realistic. In different occasions, you can choose different types of earrings.

For the elegant night out, we would recommend red and golden stud earrings with grapes. For the usual night out for a drink with friends, you can put a bottle or glasses one. Etsy jewelry really has some of the coolest stud wine earrings on the market.


Besides earrings, Etsy jewelry has a wide range of super cute bracelets for wine lovers. Depending on your style, you can choose out of leather, wish let, charm, cuff, stretchy, whatever you like.

Wish let bracelets are a really nice piece of jewelry, with some interesting, funny or wise thoughts. This type of bracelet is a perfect gift, especially if there is a memory or a story somewhere in behind.

Another loveable gift inspired by the wine would be a personalized bracelet with a bottle. Inside the bottle, you can engrave a name, a date, a year, whatever you like. Bet that this would enchant the one who will receive this unique present.

Cuff bracelets are also very interesting. They have many witty sayings engraved in it. For example: “When in doubt, drink wine first”, “”Run now, wine later”, “Will trade husband for wine”, “Partner in wine” and similar.

A charm bracelet is a girly piece of Etsy jewelry. You can find different pieces stringed on it. Those are usually grapes, glasses full of wine, wine bottles, openers, maybe some initial letters if it is personalized. There is a piece with a quote about wine stringed on it also.

Some burgundy or golden variants of wine bracelets are just adorable.


On Etsy jewelry, you can find wine necklaces also.

You can find thin and inconspicuous necklaces or some really extravagant ones.

When we talk about think ones, they are usually silver or golden, medium-short and with a bottle of wine pouring the wine in a glass. Or maybe you would like more a simple think necklace with a full glass of wine, colored in red.

As you probably know, Resveratrol is a secret wine ingredient. It is good for overall health. So if you love wine, you should celebrate Resveratrol at the same time. The necklaces of this type are made of Resveratrol molecules. How cute, right?

This can turn into a really elegant piece of jewelry if it is ornamented with small red or burgundy zircons on the borders of the necklace. Just a little reminder, here on Etsy jewelry you can purchase beautiful silver rings with the Resveratrol molecules. You can pair it with the necklace.

So, let’s talk now about a wine glass as a necklace. Yes, you read it right! The designers made this practical, or from somebody’s view crazy invention. This way you are wearing real glass around your neck and pour it up whenever you want. Of course, it shouldn’t be fully loaded, but even a half of it is okay. You can use this necklace for making a bachelorette party if you and your friends are wine lovers.

And this is not the end. If you would like to design a piece of wine jewelry on your own, you can purchase cute pendants here in Etsy jewelry section. There are glasses of wine, openers, grapes, bottles. Even many badges are made in the name of the wine.

As you can see, Etsy jewelry offers you a wide range of wine jewelry. There is almost nothing that you can imagine that doesn’t exist on this site. Wine jewelry can be really elegant and gala, or it can go to the informal variants. It’s up to you to decide. As they say, “In vino veritas!”. So, raise a glass!