Jewelry Fraud

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Fake jewelry is on the rise, with counterfeit pieces often appearing to look as good as the real jewelry. However, fake jewelry is no substitute for the real thing. They look great to begin with, but after some time, they start to show their true colors. Jewelry stores sometimes tell the customers that the certain piece they are selling is a replica in the fine print. However, other times the vendors are desperately trying to make a quick dollar at consumer’s expense. Shopping vintage or shopping online also opens you up to being caught out by fakes.

What is Fake Jewelry?

Fake jewelry is exactly what it sounds like; a piece of designer jewelry that is a replica of the real thing. Just as consumers sometimes become victims of buying replica watches e.g. Cartier, Hublot, Rolex, etc., they buy the jewelry thinking that it is the real thing only to find out later that it is not authentic. Fake jewelry can consist of the sale of fake gold, diamonds, etc. Vendors trying to make a quick dollar sell jewelry pieces disguised as genuine or authentic and provide false papers of authenticity to satisfy the consumer. As a result, the consumer ends up paying thousands of dollars for something that isn’t even the real thing.

Legal Assistance

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Being sold fake jewelry can be an embarrassing and frustrating experience. Fortunately, you are likely to recover for damages by filing a jewelry fraud lawsuit. This is because if the vendor sells you fake jewelry without informing you about it, he is liable for fraud and deceptive business practices. As a victim of jewelry fraud, you can hire the services of an attorney at law to sue the vendor or store for your damages. Civil lawsuits are often filed by victims to seek compensation. You can also contact your local authorities and report this kind of behavior. You can get help with both the criminal and civil side of your complaint.

If you win the lawsuit, then the amount recovered is generally the same as the value of the original piece of jewelry that you thought you purchased. In some cases, courts can award the higher value of the product.

Filing a Jewelry Fraud Lawsuit

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If you have been sold fake designer jewelry and you are considering to bring forth a cause of action, then it is highly recommended that you consult an attorney at law. Hiring the services of an experienced jewelry fraud lawyer is very important as they have the resources to alert the proper authorities and file a jewelry fraud lawsuit in a timely and efficient manner. You may need to provide certain details e.g. the time of purchase, the amount you paid, purchase receipt, etc. The attorney will work with you every step of the way to make this process easier. Most attorneys provide free first consultation and handle your case on a contingency basis. All in all, with the help of a jewelry fraud lawyer, you will be able to recover your economic loss of purchasing fake jewelry.