The world of hidden watches

The beauty and popularity of hidden watches are present in their ability to hide and conceal and reveal. I mean, who doesn’t like a little mystery? Most of the human choices are a mystery. A piece of Jewelry should normally make you stand out, but secret compartment jewelry will make you mysterious, sophisticated, and more beautiful. The rave for hidden watches has been explored by several watches and jewelry makers. This has made the jewelry fashion trend be inundated with the most exquisite and enigmatic pieces of jewelry like the; Van Cleef & Arpels Heure Marine, Rolexes lady, Piaget, Bulgari’s Serpenti Seduttori, the Haute joaillerie, the Breguet de la Reine.

A history unknown…
Although no one can pinpoint to the exact period in which hidden watches were discovered, some sources have argued that it came into vogue in the early times of the 20th century. Alterations to old social orders, global industrializations, and clear ingenuity led to the promotion and growth of hidden watches. But, it was ‘true friendship’ that gave birth to the current trend of hidden watches, when Santos-Dumont who was a pilot friend of Louis Cartier expressed the difficulty in using a pocket wristwatch (a trend at the time) while flying. This led Cartier already on the verge of an invention to work on his friend’s idea, to gift him the first of the concealed masterpiece.

Why hidden watches? And how they fair
Asides from being pieces of jewelry that distinguishes the wearer, hidden watches can be many other things.

They are attractive and concealing
Flaunt your style in the glittering way possible, with hidden watches. The Haute Joaillerie Diamond Fury sports a mammoth 3,000+ cut diamonds, sprinkled with 56 black onyx elements concealing a 206 brilliantly cut diamond on the time-dial. With this, you could be seen as just wearing shiny cuffs. Also, the secret de la Raine watch by Breguet combines a beautifully sculpted rose bloom to conceal the ‘mechanical dial’ below.

Give yourself a little enigma
What more perfect way is there to throw a little mystery around you than to sport the Serpenti High Jewelry watch created by the popular Bulgari brand. As the company’s modus operandi, this bracelet is shaped like a coiled snake. The sculpted serpent is designed in pink, gold, and yellow coatings, with pear-shaped diamonds for eyes. Notable additions are the SignatureMorganite watch by Channel with 900+ cut diamond and pink shaped Morganite that opens on cue to reveal the time

Your wristwatch On the Go
Why not carry an evening purse that shows you the time when you open them?[Text Wrapping Break]The New York Companion by Harry Winston conceals a timepiece in an array of rubies, perfectly cut diamonds and emeralds to give a picturesque and enticing image of a purse. The Heure Discrete by Vacheron Constantin for example, designed like a hand fan that conceals the timepiece. It shows you the time with just a single flick of the wrist which parts two adjoining layers of the fan.

The design for hidden watches is as vast and evolving as the technology itself, it is a perfect representation of the jeweled marriage of artistry and clever technology. Hidden watches will continue to be in vogue for a very long time due to their sleek, portable, and unlimited ideas for design, and their ability to match any fashion trends.